PR-LV51100-3U Factory LiFePO4 Server Rack Battery


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PR-LV51100-3U Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries provide reliable and effective power storage solutions for an array of applications. This battery is a strong and durable power source with a 100Ah capacity and a nominal energy of 5120Wh. Due to its nominal voltage of 51.2V and operational voltage range of 40-58.4V, this battery is compatible with a wide range of inverters, including Victron, SMA, Goodwe, SRNE, Solis, SAJ, Growatt, Luxpower, Voltronic, Deye, and more.

PR-LV51100-3U is designed to endure up to 20 years at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) at 25°C and has a cycle life of up to 6000 cycles. With its IP21 rating, the battery is also designed to protect against water and dust contact. Due to its wide temperature range for charging (0 55°C) and discharging (-20°C), it can be used in a variety of settings.

Due to its standard design, the PR-LV51100-3U is easy to install and use. Its small size and space-efficient size makes it ideal for installation. The battery keeps its charge for a long period of time due to its low self-discharge rate of 42 kg.

Another advantage of PR-LV51100-3U is its expandability. Additional batteries can be connected in parallel to increase the battery bank’s overall capacity, providing a scalable solution to energy storage issues. This capability also allows designers to design systems with larger energy storage capacities more freely.

Long lifespans and high cycle lives make the PR-LV51100-3U a long-term cost-effective investment. Little maintenance is needed to maintain it, further lowering the total cost of ownership. In addition to CE and UN38.3, the battery is certified to meet global safety and environmental standards.

Product features and advantages:

High Energy Density
With a capacity of 100Ah and a nominal energy of 5120Wh, the PR-LV51100-3U is perfect for applications that require high power output and extended backup times.

Reliable and secure
LiFePO4 cells used in the module provide exceptional performance, stability, and safety. They have a life cycle of up to 6000 cycles and are made to withstand extreme temperatures.

Expandable design
Business can connect numerous modules in parallel or in series to boost capacity and power production with the PR-LV51100-3U’s extensible architecture.

Wide Inverter Compatibility
Inverters from Victron, SMA, Goodwe, SRNE, Solis, SAJ, Growatt, Luxpower, Voltronic, Deye, and more are compatible with the module, allowing easy integration with existing systems.

A grade Battery Cells
For greater performance, reliability, and safety, the PR-LV51100-3U uses A-grade battery cells that have been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards.

PM-51100 is a cost-effective alternative to renewable energy sources. Long lifespans and minimal maintenance requirements reduce operating expenses.

Product Specifications:

Cell Type: LiFePO4 (LFP)
Capacity: 100Ah
Nominal Energy: 5120 Wh
Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V
Working Voltage: 40 ~ 58.4 V
Net Weight: 42 Kg
Dimension: [L*W*H] 440*420*134mm (17.32*16.53*5.28in)
Charging Temperature: 0 ~ 55℃
Discharging Temperature: -20 ~ 60℃
Design Life: 20 Years
Cycle Life: (25℃@80% DOD) 6000 Cycles
IP Grade: IP21
Compatible Inverters: Victron / SMA / Goodwe / SRNE / Solis / SAJ / Growatt / Luxpower / Voltronic / Deye / etc.
Certification & Safety Standard: CE / UN38.3

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UL 1642
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